1.  Unzip the API folder sent from Planifi.  If you have not received one please email  The files are customer specific so you will need this to begin.  
  2. On the web sever copy the c:\program\files(x86)\planifi\Analyzer api 1.0.3 to c:\program files(x86)\planifi\api\backup (or to what ever you want).
  3. Delete everything except db.config and the Log Folder in c:\program     files(x86)\planifi\Analyzer api 1.0.3 
  4. Copy all files except db.config from the API.ZIP folder (See step 1) and place them in the folder c:\program\files(x86)\planifi\Analyzer api 1.0.3
  5. (Recommended) Go to IIS on the web server and stop and start the AnalyzerAPI web service (Note: This will only impact Planifi and the AnalyzerAPI) 


  • You can easily test that the update completed successfully by going to the AnalyzerAPI web page and ensuring that it loads properly without an error.