If you're currently using Project Analyzer with Deltek Vision 5.x or 6.x, and you want to upgrade to Vision 7.x or newer, you'll need to update your Project Analyzer configuration as well.This is a high level overview of that process.

Note: Before you perform this upgrade, please email support@planifi.net.  This will ensure that we are available for any questions or issues you may encounter.  

Using Project Analyzer with Vision 7.x or newer requires you to install the Project Analyzer compatibility database for Vision 7.  The compatibility database installer is included in your Project Analyzer installation kit as "Vision7LinkDatabase.exe".  Before installing the compatibility database, make sure that your Vision 7 database is fully upgraded and ready for production use.  If you have a test environment for your Deltek Vision implementation we recommend you complete this process in that environment first.  

After running the installer to create the compatibility database on your SQL Server, you will need to:

1.  Provision permissions on the compatibility database.  You should set the same permissions on the compatibility database as on the Vision database itself.  Detailed instructions are available in the Project Analyzer Database Deployment Guide.

2.  Use Connection Manager to connect the Project Analyzer database to the compatibility database.  To do this, start Connection Manager and go to the "System Configuration" tab.  In the "Project Analyzer Connection to Deltek Vision" section, you will see the name of the Vision database (highlighted in red below).

Change this to the name of the compatibility database and click "Test".  Connection Manager will connect to your Vision 7 database through the compatibility database.

Click "Save Changes" on the main toolbar to apply your changes, and exit Connection Manager.  All of your users will now be able to launch Project Analyzer and have it work seamlessly with Vision 7.