Project Analyzer's user settings allow users to save their preferred interface setup from session to session.


Interface components saved as part of the user settings include:

        Last project

        Last tab

        Columns displayed in the data grid per tab

        Data grid sort order

        Data grid grouping


You can reset your user settings to the factory defaults in three ways:

1) During a Project Analyzer session:

Choose the "My Settings" option from the File menu.

(Note: This option is called "User Settings" in versions of Project Analyzer prior to the 4.5.1 (Fall 2016) release.)


When the My Settings window appears, click the Reset button.


You will be prompted to restart Project Analyzer.  When Analyzer restarts, your settings will be restored to the factory defaults.

2) From the Start menu (Project Analyzer 4.0 and above):

Open the Project Analyzer folder in your Windows Start menu and click the "Reset User Settings" shortcut (highlighted in red below).

This will restore your user settings to the factory defaults and then start Project Analyzer.

3) From the command line (Project Analyzer 3.5 and above):

Run Project Analyzer from the command line with the --resetus parameter, as follows:

"c:\Program Files (x86)\Planifi\Project Analyzer\Project Analyzer.exe" --resetus

(Note: the location of Project Analyzer on your computer may differ.)